Many types of biological networks are rapidly being mapped. Aside from providing system-level insights into biological processes, these networks can be used to functionally annotate uncharacterized genes based on interaction profile similarities with well-studied genes ("guilt by association").
Numerous different association indices can be used to determine interaction profile similarities, and it can be daunting to select which one is most appropriate for a particular goal.
Here we provide a webtool that facilitates the identification of modules of genes with similar function, the assembly of association networks and the comparison of the interaction profile similarity between selected pairs of nodes in a network.

To begin first you must login or create a user and then go to Manage Projects to submit a new project. Go to Help for detailed instructions on how to use the web tool or to Guide for assistance to select an association index.

We have created some example datasets so that you can try out GAIN, to use them please login using the following username and password: